Name Tutor
Synopsis The RascalTutor can be used to create and follow interactive course.
Description The RascalTutor is an interactive Authoring and learning environment intended to create and follow interactive courses related to the Rascal language. It is based on the following principles and ideas:
  • The basic notion is a Concept. Each concept has a name and contains a fixed set of subsections that describe it.
  • A course is a concept tree: The central subject of the course is the root of the concept tree, and all subtrees further explain their parent concept.
A student using a course can:
  • Browse through a tree structured overview of the concept tree of the course.
  • Search for concepts and specific terms using a search box.
  • Read individual concepts.
  • Follow links to other concepts.
  • Perform any exercises that are available.
An author of a course can:
  • Edit a concept directly using a wiki-like form of Markup that makes it easy to create good looking concept pages.
  • Add code examples that are actually executed when the concept is turned into an HTML page.
  • Add interactive exercises.
  • Save a concept after editing: this will recompile that concept only, but eill update the gloabl search idnex, global warnings, and the like.
  • Recompile all concepts in the whole course.
  • Inspect the warnings that are generated for a concept or for the whole course in order to control the quality of the concept descriptions.
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