Synopsis Table of Contents.
  • Contents: Table of Contents.
    • Authoring: Creating and writing a course using the RascalTutor.
      • Concept: A concept is the basic building block of a course.
        • Name: The name of a concept.
          • Synopsis: One-line summary of the concept that is usable as a tool tip.
            • Syntax: Part of the synopsis that summarizes syntax introduced by this concept.
              • Types: Part of the synopsis that describes any types or typing rules introduced by this concept.
                • Function: Part of the synopsis that describes function signatures introduced by this concept.
                  • Details: Links to more detailed concepts that complement the description of the current concept.
                    • Description: Gives a concise explanation of the concept.
                      • Examples: Examples to illustrate the concept.
                        • Benefits: Briefly lists known advantages of the concept.
                          • Pitfalls: Comprehensive list of known shortcomings or usage problems of the concept.
                            • Questions: Questions about the concept.
                            • Maintenance: How to maintain a course.
                              • Adding: Add a concept to a course
                                • Removing: Remove a concept from a course.
                                  • Renaming: How to rename a concept.
                                  • Markup: Markup directives for creating concept pages.
                                    • InlineMarkup: Markup directives used in input lines.
                                    • StructureMarkup: Markup for structured text entities.
                                    • QuestionMarkup: Mark up for interactive questions.
                                      • TypeDescriptor: Description of a Rascal types used in type and value questions.
                                        • Text: A text question with a free-format answer.
                                          • Choice: Multiple-choice question.
                                            • Type: A question about a Rascal type.
                                              • Value: Question about the value of a Rascal expression or program.
                                              • SourceCodeMarkup: Mark up in Rascal source code.
                                                • DocAnnotations: A doc annotation attaches an inline concept description to a Rascal declaration.
                                                  • ConceptMapping: Map the concepts in Rascal source code to a subtree of a course.
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