Name Tutor/Concept
Synopsis A concept is the basic building block of a course.
Name: ConceptName (mandatory)

Synopsis: MarkedText (mandatory)

Syntax: MarkedText

Types: MarkedText

Function: MarkedText

Details: ConceptName1 ConceptName2 ...

Description: MarkedText

Examples: MarkedText (recommended)

Benefits: MarkedText

Pitfalls: MarkedText

Questions: Question1, Question2 (recommended)

Name and Synopsis are mandatory, the others are optional. It is recommended to give examples and questions.
Description A concept describes a separate entity (idea, artefact, function, rule) that is relevant in the scope of the course in which it appears. It consists of 11 named sections that are described separately. Each section starts with a keyword that should appear at the begin of a line. Only the Name section is mandatory.

Here is a brief summary of the secions of a concept:
  • Name: The name of a concept.
  • Synopsis: One-line summary of the concept that is usable as a tool tip.
  • Syntax: Part of the synopsis that summarizes syntax introduced by this concept.
  • Types: Part of the synopsis that describes any types or typing rules introduced by this concept.
  • Function: Part of the synopsis that describes function signatures introduced by this concept.
  • Details: Links to more detailed concepts that complement the description of the current concept.
  • Description: Gives a concise explanation of the concept.
  • Examples: Examples to illustrate the concept.
  • Benefits: Briefly lists known advantages of the concept.
  • Pitfalls: Comprehensive list of known shortcomings or usage problems of the concept.
  • Questions: Questions about the concept.
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