Name Test/AAA
Syntax A + B
Types xxx yyy zzz ppp qqq rrr sss
Details AAA1 AAA2 AAA3
Operator Description
A | B alternative
|| or
|stdin:///|(0,3,<1,0>,<1,3>): Undeclared variable: xxx
xxx < xx unknown: Test:WRONGLINK

Goede external link: Rascal:if.

Goede external link: Rascal.

Goede external link: Rascal:List/Comprehension.

Goede external link (short): Rascal:Comprehension.

Ambigue external link: ambiguous: Rascal:Comprehension.

Onbekende external link: unknown: Rascal:Zap.

aa dsf sefwef wefweffwe wefwefwef wefwfwefwefwef weeweewffwwefwef wefef ffffweefe efefe effffffffffffff xxx xxxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx x x xx xxefgfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Hier is een warning in AAA Hier is warning 2 in AAA Hier is warning 3 in AAA Hier is warning 4 in AAA
Examples abc def ghi jkl xxx yyy zzz ppp qqq rrr sss ttt uuu 111 222 333 444 555 666 See also ambiguous: Test:BBB. Or ambiguous: Test:Cat1.

Question [1].
The type of {-10.37854337314056520, 5.4966970140043320, 2.0174802047053560, 3.9018111118880720} is

Question [2].
The type of {1, } is set[int]

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