Synopsis All Rascal statements.
Description The following statements are available:
  • Append: Append an element to the list value produced by various loop statements.
  • Assert: An executable assertion.
  • Assignment: Assign a value to a variable or more complex data structure.
  • Block: Group statements into a block.
  • Break: End the execution of a while, do or for loop.
  • Continue: Continue with the next iteration of while, do or for loop.
  • Do: Repeat statements while condition holds.
  • Fail: Let the current alternative of a pattern match fail.
  • For: For loop.
  • If: Conditional statement.
  • Insert: Insert a value in a tree during a Visit.
  • Return: Return a value as result of a Function.
  • Solve: Solve a set of equalities by fixed-point iteration.
  • Switch: Switch statement.
  • Test: Test statement (deprecated).
  • Throw: Throw an exception.
  • TryCatch: Try to execute a statement and catch resulting exceptions.
  • While: While loop.
Statement Types
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