Synopsis An executable assertion.
  1. assert Exp1
  2. assert Exp1 : Exp2
Exp1 Exp2
bool str
Description An assert statement may occur everywhere where a declaration is allowed. It has two forms:

An assert statement consists of a Boolean expression Exp1 and an optional string expression Exp2 that serves as a identifying message for this assertion.

When Exp1 evaluates to false, an AssertionFailed exception is thrown.
rascal>assert 1==2 : "is never true";
|stdin:///|(14,15,<1,14>,<1,29>): AssertionFailed("is never true")
	at ___SCREEN_INSTANCE___(|main://___SCREEN_INSTANCE___|)

rascal>int div(int x, int y) {
>>>>>>>  assert y != 0 : "y must be non-zero";
>>>>>>>  return x / y;
int (int, int): int div(int, int);
|stdin:///|(42,20,<2,18>,<2,38>): AssertionFailed("y must be non-zero")
	at div(|stdin:///|(6,1,<1,6>,<1,7>))
	at ___SCREEN_INSTANCE___(|stdin:///|(0,9,<1,0>,<1,9>))

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