1. bool subtype(type[&T] t, type[&U] u)
  2. bool subtype(Symbol s, s)
  3. default bool subtype(Symbol s, Symbol t)
  4. bool subtype(Symbol _, \value())
  5. bool subtype(\void(), Symbol _)
  6. bool subtype(Symbol::\cons(Symbol a, _, list[Symbol] _), a)
  7. bool subtype(Symbol::\cons(Symbol a, str name, list[Symbol] ap), Symbol::\cons(a,name,list[Symbol] bp))
  8. bool subtype(\adt(str _, list[Symbol] _), \node())
  9. bool subtype(\adt(str n, list[Symbol] l), \adt(n, list[Symbol] r))
  10. bool subtype(\alias(str _, list[Symbol] _, Symbol aliased), Symbol r)
  11. bool subtype(Symbol l, \alias(str _, list[Symbol] _, Symbol aliased))
  12. bool subtype(\int(), \num())
  13. bool subtype(\rat(), \num())
  14. bool subtype(\real(), \num())
  15. bool subtype(\tuple(list[Symbol] l), \tuple(list[Symbol] r))
  16. bool subtype(\list(Symbol s), \list(Symbol t))
  17. bool subtype(\lrel(list[Symbol] l), \lrel(list[Symbol] r))
  18. bool subtype(\list(Symbol s), \lrel(list[Symbol] r))
  19. bool subtype(\lrel(list[Symbol] l), \list(Symbol r))
  20. bool subtype(\set(Symbol s), \set(Symbol t))
  21. bool subtype(\rel(list[Symbol] l), \rel(list[Symbol] r))
  22. bool subtype(\set(Symbol s), \rel(list[Symbol] r))
  23. bool subtype(\rel(list[Symbol] l), \set(Symbol r))
  24. bool subtype(\bag(Symbol s), \bag(Symbol t))
  25. bool subtype(\map(Symbol from1, Symbol to1), \map(Symbol from2, Symbol to2))
  26. bool subtype(Symbol::\func(Symbol r1, list[Symbol] p1), Symbol::\func(Symbol r2, list[Symbol] p2))
  27. bool subtype(\parameter(str _, Symbol bound), Symbol r)
  28. bool subtype(Symbol l, \parameter(str _, Symbol bound))
  29. bool subtype(\label(str _, Symbol s), Symbol t)
  30. bool subtype(Symbol s, \label(str _, Symbol t))
  31. bool subtype(\reified(Symbol s), \reified(Symbol t))
  32. bool subtype(\reified(Symbol s), \node())
  33. bool subtype(list[Symbol] l, list[Symbol] r)
  34. default bool subtype(list[Symbol] l, list[Symbol] r)
Usage import Type; Functions with variable argument lists are normalized to normal function
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