Synopsis Greater than or equal operator on node values.
Syntax Exp1 >= Exp2
Exp1 Exp2 Exp1 >= Exp2
node node bool
Description Comparison on nodes is defined by a lexicographic ordering. Node N = F(N1, ..., Nn) is greater than or equal node N = G(M1, ..., Mm) when:
  • N is equal to M, or
  • F is lexicographically greater than G, or F is equal to G and n > m.
rascal>"g"(3) >= "f"(10, "abc");
bool: true
rascal>"f"(10, "abc") >= "f"(10);
bool: true
rascal>"f"(10, "abc") >= "f"(10, "abc");
bool: true
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