Synopsis Text in a module or entered via the command line violates the Rascal syntax.
Syntax The Rascal syntax.
Description This error is generated when a text is expected to be Rascal but does not comply with the Rascal syntax.

Remedy: Correct your text and check for the following:
  • All parentheses are balanced: (...), [...], {...}, <...>, /.../.
  • All multi-line comments are balanced: /*...*/.
  • All semi-colons are present.
  • All tests in if, for, while statement are surrounded by (...).
When you are completely desparate and cannot find the syntax error, the following binary search strategy may help:
  1. Surround all text in the module (except the module header) with /* and */. Now your module should parse. If not the syntax error is in the module header.
  2. Move the upper comment symbol /* to the middle of the file. Now there are two possibilities:
    • The module parses. The top part is correct and the syntax error is in the bottom part. Move the /* marker to the middle of the bottom part and repeat.
    • The module does not parse. The syntax error is in the top part. Move the /* marker to the middle of the top part and repeat.
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