Synopsis A Rascal module could not be imported.
Description Rascal programs are split up in modules. An Rascal:Import statement is used to include one module in another. This error indicates that a module import failed. This can be caused by
  • A misspelled name in the import statement.
  • Starting a Rascal console from the wrong directory.
  • Correct the mispelled name.
  • In Eclipse the safest way to execute a Rascal module is to select it in the Package Explorer, right click on it and then select Run as Rascal Application.
  • At the command line, change directory to where the toplevel module of your program is located and then execute the Rascal Shell.
Examples Here is a correct import of the library module List:
rascal>import List;
Here is the effect of a misspelled module name (assuming that you do not have a module Lis):
rascal>import Lis;
|stdin:///|(0,11,<1,0>,<1,11>): Could not import module Lis: File rascal://Lis not found.
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