Synopsis Attempt to compare a date with a time.
Description Rascal:DateTime values may contain two components: date and time. Datetime values that contain both a date and a time can be compared. Dates can also be compared with dates, and times with times. This error is generated when a date is compared with a time.
Examples Comparing dates with dates:
rascal>$2013-07-15 < $2014-07-15
                   ^ Parse error here
Or times with times:
rascal>$T20:03:56.901+01:00 < $T22:00:56.901+01:00
                            ^ Parse error here
Or datetimes with datetimes:
rascal>$2013-01-11T23:03:56.901+01:00 < $2013-01-11T23:05:00.901+01:00
                                      ^ Parse error here
But mixing dates and times gives errors:
rascal>$2013-07-15 < $T20:03:56.901+01:00
                   ^ Parse error here
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