Synopsis The called signature does not match any defined function.
Description A function has a name and a signature (the names and types of its arguments). This error is reported when a call of a function cannot be associated with a function declaration.

  • Modify the call so that the arguments match the function declaration.
  • Write a new definition for a function with the same name, that matches the argument types in the call.
Examples Define a function triple that multiplies its argument by 3:
rascal>int triple(int x) = 3 * x;
int (int): int triple(int);
It works fine:
int: 15
Unless it is called with an argument of a wrong type:
|stdin:///|(0,15,<1,0>,<1,15>): The called signature: triple(list[int]),
does not match the declared signature:	int triple(int);

We can define a new version of triple function that accepts lists:
rascal>list[int] triple(list[int] L) = [3 * x | x <- L];
list[int] (list[int]): list[int] triple(list[int]);
list[int]: [3,6,9]
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