Synopsis Domain-specific language for forensics research.
Description Bernd is a senior software engineer working at the Berlin headquarters of a forensic investigation lab of the German government. His daily work is to find common patterns in files stored on digital media that have been confiscated during criminal investigations. Text, audio and video files are stored in zillions of different data formats and each data format requires its own analysis technique. For each new investigation ad hoc combinations of tools are used. This makes the process very labour-intensive and error-prone. Bernd convinces his manager that designing a new domain-specific language (DSL) for forensic investigations may relieve the pressure on their lab. After designing the DSL---let's call it DERRICK---he makes an EASY implementation for it. Given a DERRICK program for a specific case under investigation, he first extracts relevant information from it and analyzes it: which media formats are relevant? Which patterns to look for? How should search results be combined? Given this new information, Java code is synthesized that uses the various existing tools and combines their results.
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