Synopsis Concurrency analysis.
Description Daniel is a concurrency researcher at one of the largest hardware manufacturers worldwide. He is working from an office in the Bay Area. Concurrency is the big issue for his company: it is becoming harder and harder to make CPUs faster, therefore more and more of them are bundled on a single chip. Programming these multi-core chips is difficult and many programs that worked fine on a single CPU contain hard to detect concurrency errors due to subtle differences in the order of execution that results from executing the code on more than one CPU. Here is where Daniel enters the picture. He is working on tools for finding concurrency errors. First he extracts facts from the code that are relevant for concurrency problems and have to do with calls, threads, shared variables and locks. Next, he analyzes these facts and synthesizes an abstract model that captures the essentials of the concurrency behaviour of the program. Finally he runs a third-party verification tool with this model as input to do the actual verification.
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