Synopsis A (possibly nested) list of numbered points.
  1. # MarkedText
  2. ## MarkedText
  3. ### MarkedText
  4. ...
Description NumberedLists create, possibly nested, lists of numbered points. The number of # characters determines the nesting level of a (sub)list.

A list item ends with:
  • the start of a new list item.
  • to consecutive empty lines.

    BulletLists and NumberedLists can be mixed.
Examples The input

# First item.
# Second item.

will produce:
  1. First item.
  2. Second item.
The input

# First item.
## First subitem.
## Second subitem.
# Second item

will produce:
  1. First item.
    1. First subitem.
    2. Second subitem.
  2. Second item
Pitfalls Do not forget to add two newlines after a NumberedList, otherwise the new paragraph becomes part of the last list item.
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