Synopsis Description of a Rascal types used in type and value questions.
A TypeDescriptor is one of
  • bool
  • int
  • int[Max]
  • int[Min,Max]
  • real
  • real[Max]
  • real[Min,Max]
  • num
  • num[Max]
  • num[Min,Max]
  • str
  • loc
  • datetime
  • list[TypeDescriptor]
  • set[TypeDescriptor]
  • map[TypeDescriptor,TypeDescriptor]
  • tuple[TypeDescriptor1, TypeDescriptor2, ...]
  • void
  • value
  • arb
  • arb[Int]
  • arb[Int, TypeDescriptor1, TypeDescriptor2]
  • arb[TypeDescriptor1, TypeDescriptor2]
  • same[TypeName]
Description A TypeDescriptor is used to describe Rascal types and values in questions and are used to automatically generate values of the described type. TypeDescriptors largely follow the types as available in Rascal, with the following extensions that are helpfull when generating values:
  • int, real and num may specify a minimal and maximal value for the values to be generated.
  • arb describes an arbitrary type. The choice can be restricted by:
    • given an integer that defines the maximal depth of the type.
    • given an explicit list of types to choose from.
  • same[Name] refers back to a type that was used eralier on in the same question.
TypeDescriptor Generated values
int Arbitrary integer
int[-5,10] An integer between -5 and 10
arb[int,bool,str] An arbitrary integer, boolean or string
list[int] A list of integers
set[int[0,10]] A set of integers between 0 and 10
  • There is currently an arbitrary built-in limit that restricts generated lists, sets, maps and relations to at most 5 elements.
  • There is no support for labeled tuples.
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