Synopsis Refer to a concept in this course or another course.
  1. [ OptDollar ConceptName ]
  2. [ OptDollar OtherCourse : ConceptName ]
Description The first form creates a link to a concept in the current course. The conceptname may be:
  • A full pathname of a concept.
  • A partial pathname (with elements starting at the rooted omitted)
  • A basic conceptname, i.e. the name fo a concept without its hierarchical path.
A partial concept name may be needed if the course contains concepts with the same name in different parts of the concept hierarchy.

The second form creates a link to a concept in another course.

Each of these two forms may be preceeded by a $ sign (mnemonic: short) and has as effect that only the most specific part of the conceptname is shown.
Examples We can create a reference to the InlineMarkup concept in the current course in the following ways:
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