Synopsis Include an image.
Syntax ![Name](File|Options)
Description Describes an image to be included:
  • Name is the alternate name of the image.
  • File is the name of the image file.
  • Options is a possibly empty list of options separated by a | character:
    • left: image will be left algned.
    • right: image will be right-aligned.
    • center: image will be centered.
    • Npx: the image will be N pixels wide.
    • border: image will have a 1 pixel border.
    • border Npx: image will have a N pixel border.
    • space Npx: image will occupy NxN pixels.

Example 1

![image example](image.png) will produce:
image example

Example 2

![image example](image.png|right|border 3px) will produce:
image example

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