Synopsis The abstract syntax for Func.
Examples Here is the abstract syntax for Func:
module demo::lang::Func::AST

data Prog = prog(list[Func] funcs);
data Func = func(str name, list[str] formals, Exp body);

data Exp = let(list[Binding] bindings, Exp exp)
         | cond(Exp cond, Exp then, Exp otherwise)
         | var(str name)
         | nat(int nat)
         | call(str name, list[Exp] args)

         | address(str var)
         | deref(Exp exp)
         | mul(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | div(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | add(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | sub(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | gt(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | lt(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | geq(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | leq(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | seq(Exp lhs, Exp rhs)
         | assign(Exp lhs, Exp rhs);

data Binding = binding(str var, Exp exp);
Observe that the abstract syntax follows the structur of the Func/ConcreteSyntax but omits details such as operator priorities, parentheses, and the like.
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